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Flash Seminars are one time mini-classes that seek to bring together faculty, students, and community members in small, informal settings to explore ideas and issues outside the formal classroom. Seminars are announced a week in advance and held in locations around the University of Virginia and the surrounding Charlottesville area. Sign up below to attend a seminar!

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Upcoming Flash Seminars 

Employment Opportunities for Adults with Disabilities
Co-Sponsored by the Student Council Public Service Committee
Led by Naomi M. Aitken, Counselor Manager in the Virginia Workforce Center
Tuesday, March 24th @ 5:30 p.m.
Join the Student Council’s Public Service Committee and Naomi M. Aitken, Counselor Manager in the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services at the Virginia Workforce Center--Charlottesville, for a discussion centered on opportunities for employment and social inclusion of people suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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Governing a Diverse School System in a University Town
Led by Current President of the Virginia School Board Association, Juandiego Wade
Wednesday, March 25th @ 5:00 p.m.
The Charlottesville City School Division's vision of “Personal and Academic Excellence Inspired by a Collaborative and Innovative Learning Environment” calls for educational strategies, interventions, and programs that address the diverse needs of its student population. How does the university town setting affect these educational strategies, and what role can UVa students play in these programs? In this Flash Seminar, we will look at the challenges faced by school board members and Charlottesville City Public Schools when making decisions to govern their diverse school district. Join Juandiego Wade, current President of the Virginia School Board Association and Charlottesville School Board Member, to discuss the ways in which UVa students can effectively engage the Charlottesville youth and work to address issues facing the school district through collaborative partnerships.
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Misremembering or Lies? An Examination of False Memory
Led by Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Commerce School, Nicole Montgomery
Friday, March 28th @ 12:00 p.m.
In the wake of the Brian Williams scandal, many people have been left wondering whether the anchor in fact misremembered or lied. In this Flash Seminar, we will discuss the concept of false memory to shed light on these recent events. Does false memory really exist? Who is subject to misremembering and under what circumstances will it most likely occur? Join Professor Montgomery to consider these questions and the role of false memories in marketing strategies.
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Quantitative Easing is Getting Harder - Is the Era of Unconventional Monetary Policy Coming to an End?
Led by John Weinberg, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Monday, March 30th @ 5:00 p.m.
During the financial crisis and recession, The Federal Reserve departed in a number of ways from its historical approach to monetary policy – one based on movements of a target short term interest rate in response to economic conditions and inflation. In particular, since the end of 2008, the Fed’s interest rate target has been held constant at its floor. Since then, the Federal Reserve has resorted to tools broadly described as “unconventional monetary policy,” consisting of “quantitative easing” and “forward guidance.” As the first rate increase in over six years draws near, there remains active debate about the effects of unconventional policy and the best way to move back toward conventional policy.
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