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Flash Seminars are one time mini-classes that seek to bring together faculty, students, and community members in small, informal settings to explore ideas and issues outside the formal classroom. Seminars are announced a week in advance and held in locations around the University of Virginia and the surrounding Charlottesville area. Sign up below to attend a seminar!

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Upcoming Flash Seminars 

Sustainable Farming from Three Perspectives:
Economics, Environment, Community 
Led by John Whiteside of Woolfcreek Farms 
Tuesday, October 21st @ 5:30 p.m. 
Most Government and Agribusiness entities argue that extensive monoculture agriculture is the only way to feed the growing world population while other Government entities acknowledge that “modern society” diseases (such as Type-2 Diabetes) caused by our heavily processed foods diet derived from such agriculture. Yet, these same institutions argue that the only way to continue to feed the ever expanding and sickening population, while reversing the environmental degradation caused by the first “Green Revolution” is to pursue even more fantastical solutions delivered by a handful of global monoliths in the fields of agri-industry. John Whiteside, big business technologist turned sustainable cattle farmer, will discuss how he is practicing a local, family-farm, form of alternative agriculture at his Wolf Creek Farm in Madison County Virginia. This seminar will approach sustainable farming from three perspectives: the economic, environmental and social. 

Plato’s Republic and the Value of Democracy 
Led by PhD Candidate in the Philosophy Department Douglass Reed 
Thursday, October 23rd @ 5:30 p.m. 
Modern readers are rightly disturbed by the ideal state that Plato describes in the Republic—it is not only anti-democratic, it appears to be totalitarian. What, then, can a modern reader living in a Western democracy learn about politics by studying the dialogue? In particular, what can we learn about the value of democracy? And, further, what can the Republic teach us about what makes for a good state and a good political leader? In order to answer these questions we'll get started with a brief description of Plato’s ideal state and an explanation of basic political principles that underlie it. From here, together we will consider ways to challenge these principles, and in doing so we’ll answer the above questions and begin to develop our own arguments in favor of democracy. 

Hoos Copyright Is It?: Intellectual Property and Open Access 
Led by UVa Librarians Maggie Nunley and Ellen Ramsey 
Thursday, October 23rd @ 6:00 p.m. 
The moment your original idea moves from thought to media, you own the copyright. The definition media has drastically changed as we move further into a digital world, from paper and film to electronic text and streaming video, but the basics of ownership remain the same. The continuing evolution of the Internet is changing how we can share and protect our work. During worldwide Open Access Week, join two of UVa’s librarians, Maggie Nunley and Ellen Ramsey, to discuss what it means for you to own the copyright to your work, and what you can do to both promote and protect the sharing of knowledge. 

Flash Film: Remote Area Medical 
Co-sponsored by Nursing Students Without Borders 
Thursday, October 23rd @ 7:30p.m. 
During the U.S. debate about healthcare reform, the media—reporters and news crews and filmmakers—failed to put a human face on what it means to not have access to healthcare. Remote Area Medical fills that gap—it is a film about people, not policy. Focusing on a single three-day clinic held in the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, Remote Area Medical affords us an insider’s perspective on the ebb and flow of the event. It it is the extraordinary stories of the patients, desperate for medical attention, that create a lasting impression about the state of modern health care in America. Watch the trailer and learn more here

An Idea Exchange: Ask the Rector, Rector Asks You 
Co-sponsored by Student Council Legislative Affairs & Minority Rights Coalition 
Led by Rector of UVa Board of Visitors George Martin 
Friday, October 24th @ 12:00 p.m. 
Interested in how a large, public University works? Have questions on University policies and issues, or ideas for improving the UVa student experience? Please join Board of Visitors Rector George Martin for a lunch-time conversation exploring these questions, and everything from Board’s role in recent strategic issues, the value of higher education, how we should react to an increasingly globalized world, minority student-faculty relations at UVa, to future University fundraising initiatives. All participants will have the opportunity to fuel the conversation with their own questions, while Rector Martin will get the chance to ask students questions of his own. Food will be provided.

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